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Rick Joyner: The Spiritual Significance of the Japanese Earthquake

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Rick Joyner spoke at a recent Sunday morning service about the earthquake in Japan, which Bob Jones prophesied over twenty years ago. Joyner shares about the demonic principalities that ruled Nazi Germany and how they will attempt to enter the United States. He said: 

"He [Lt.Col. Eugene Byrd] believed that the same demonic evil principalities that had taken over Germany, are going to attempt to take over the United States. He wanted to understand what opened this gate of hell - into Germany so it wouldn't have to happen here. Now, myself and Bob Jones, Paul Cain, and a number of other people, have all gotten this same thing from the Lord. We really need to understand what happened in Nazi Germany, because the very same demonic principalities are going to seek inroads into America. Their purpose is to do something as bad or worse here, that was done there, but on a much larger scale... I feel that we're going to face the same strongholds here. It's all unfolding now... The real beginning would start with an earthquake in Japan. Part of that revelation, too, was an atomic mushroom cloud. I don't know what's going on with those reactors over there. Things are unfolding right now."

Joyner goes onto to say that according to the prophetic voices, given the devastation caused by this earthquake, Japan will need to call in the American debt to rebuild their nation, unleashing an economic catastrophe in the US. This will weaken the US to the point where this demonic hold can occur.

This catastrophe will only be a beginning. Apparently Bob Jones and others have prophetically seen an earthquake in California, stronger than that of Japan, but it would not occur until the quake in Japan had occurred. Full service

Rick Joyner and Bob Jones

These prophetic voices are all old news for those who routinely gaze into the future, such as occultists who have been predicting it for years. These false prophets can never get the date down, but geologists know it will  happen.

Joyner's conclusions that the demonic principalities that drove the Nazi movement will make inroads into our country, is also something that has been occurring for years. The Nazi Germany War Machine was stopped, but not Nazism. He's part of the Knights of Malta, so he is privy to this information. They are only waiting for the right opportunity and sequence of events, to bring their plan together. When this becomes more apparent, they will hail Joyner and his prophets as genuine.

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