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Bill Schnoebelen and the Mormon's Temple of Doom

Mormonisms Temple of Doom is a DVD released in January 2011. It features Bill Schnoebelen, a Christian with a dreadfully dark testimony, and possibly part of the controlled opposition. His ministry is to expose the Illuminati plan, the Catholic church, and the Mormon church. I have found his testimony a bit unbelievable, and that he's packed a lot into such a short lifetime. He has a close association with Chris Pinto (Adullam Films) and David Bay (Cutting Edge Ministries), so this association may make his research credible.

In documented testimonies, Schnoebelen says that he:
      1. He became a Witch in 1968
      2. Witch High Priest 1973
      3. Joined Church of Satan 1975
      4. Master Mason 1976
      5. Gnostic Catholic Bishop 1978
      6. Palladium Masonry 1979
      7. Master's Degree in Theology 1980
      8. Joined LDS Church 1980
      9. Went to LDS Temple 1st time 1981
      10. LDS Elders' Quorum President 1982
      11. LDS Institute Teacher 1983
      12. GOT SAVED JUNE 22, 1984

His claims about the Mormon church being a front organization for witchcraft and occultism is believable. Much of the temple architecture are deeply rooted in Freemasonry, witchcraft and occultism.

(YouTube link)

Mormons, such as Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck, have achieved amazing followings. Glenn Beck, a Freemason, has a good knowledge of Mormon doctrine, and has been caught using key Mormon phraseology on camera that only other Mormons would understand. Based on research by Brannon Howse, perhaps a part of the controlled opposition, Beck is clearly a New Ager - which is routed in the occult. After viewing this clip and listening to Bill's testimony, you gotta wonder about Glenn.

The sad part is that many Americans have come to believe that Mormons are just another Christian denomination with conservative, family-based values. This could be what it is on the exterior, but the interior has some deep problems - all the way back to its founder, Joseph Smith.

Bill takes you through the highly secret Temple rites which only a few faithful Mormons ever get to experience. He also discusses the Washington DC LDS Temple, mentioned in the trailer. Look at the roof of the Temple and you'll spot the dome.

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