Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

Amnesty International Slams Israel ‎

(Press TV) An Amnesty International report charges the Zionist regime with a long list of crimes against the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

The report, "Enduring Occupation, Palestinians under siege in the West Bank" released on Monday accuses Israel of unlawful land grabs and collective punishment of civilians, using excessive and unwarranted force, constructing the apartheid wall, and causing the death of Palestinians with medical emergencies at checkpoints.

"Khaled Daud Faqih was just six months old when he died on 8 March 2007 at an Israeli army checkpoint. His parents, from the village of Kafr 'Ain, had been trying to rush their baby to the nearby hospital in Ramallah in the West Bank, but were forced to wait at the checkpoint by Israeli soldiers," the report begins, adding, "Such cases are neither new nor rare."

"The Palestinian economy has virtually collapsed under the weight of harsh restrictions by Israel. This has only fuelled despair and poverty among Palestinian population," it adds.

The 50-page report describes the so-called security fence as "the wall of death."

"This long barrier is causing massive long-term damage to Palestinian life and is undermining the ability of those living in dozens of villages and communities to realize a wide range of their human rights," the report says.

The Zionist government is approving the construction of new settlements and Palestinian homes are being constantly bulldozed, it continues.

The report calls on Israel to "lift the regime of blockades and restrictions, halt the construction of the wall inside the West Bank and remove the sections already built there and cease the construction and expansion of settlements."

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