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The Jesuit Order's Influence on the Evangelical Church

Chris Pinto talks about the Jesuit Order's influence in the evangelical church and many of its leaders.  Hear clips from Jack Van Impe on Dr. Ian Paisley, Billy Graham appearing on Larry King, and Dr. Ron Cooke on the Catholic conversion of Jack Van Impe.

The broadcast 

Additional Info That Relates to the Broadcast

Billy Graham's Revealing Interviews

(YouTube link)

Dr. Ian Paisley heckles Pope John Paul II at the European Parliament, Strasbourg.
(YouTube link)

Jack Van Impe's Affection for the Jesuits and the Catholic Church

(YouTube link)

Jack may very well be a member of the Knights of Malta. You must be a Catholic in order to be a member, and Jack was raised a Catholic, and then became a Baptist. Chris Pinto says that he converted to Catholicism, which has merit.

Jack used one of Dr. Malachi Martin's quotes in the video, and he was formerly a Jesuit professor at Georgetown University and a confidant of Vatican insiders. He knew about the Masonic activity taking place in the Catholic church.[1]

Do you think something seemed strangely wrong with Rexella toward the end of the video?

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