Senin, 30 Mei 2011

False Flag: Just a Matter of Time

It has become clear that a bogeyman has been set in place by our government that makes the Muslim people appear to be a threat. But this isn't the first time that Americans had to fear an enemy on the home front.

Immediately after World War I, as the troops returned from Europe's battle scenes, social unrest began to surface in America. President Woodrow Wilson's attorney general, A. Mitchell Palmer, warned of a Communist plot to mail bombs to a number of prominent Americans. In June 2, 1919, bombs exploded within minutes of one another in eight American cities. One of these bombs destroyed the front porch of the Attorney General's home in Washington, DC. Another bomb damaged the Wall Street offices of banker J.P. Morgan. The fear of a plot of revolution gripped many Americans. Scoffers called the panic the "Red Scare." At that point in time, the Communists were the bogeyman.

Fast forward to the present time. Under false premises, we were introduced to a new American enemy - the fundamentalist Muslim. As you will see in the following video, the stage has already been set for another false flag, one of which slightly resembles the one in 1919.

(YouTube link)

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