Rabu, 27 April 2011

Time Magazine Editor: The Qu’ran is Worse Than Burning the Bible

(NBC News)

Time Magazine World editor Bobby Ghosh, explained to Chuck Todd that burning a copy of the Qu’ran was “much more inflammatory than burning a Bible” because of the merits of the two texts." The April 1st broadcast went something like this:
GHOSH: The thing to keep in mind that`s very important here is that the Koran to Muslims, it is not the same as the Bible to Christians.
The Bible is a book written by men. It is acknowledged by Christians that it is written by men. It`s the story of Jesus.
TODD: Yes.
GHOSH: But the Koran, if you are a believer, if you`re a Muslim, the Koran is directly the word of God, not written by man. It is transcribed, is directly the word of God.
That makes it sacred in a way that it`s hard to understand if you`re not Muslim. So the act of burning a Koran is much more — potentially much, much more inflammatory than –
TODD: Directly attacking — directly attacking God.
GHOSH: — than if you were to burn a — burn a Bible.
TODD: Directly attacking God.
Ghosh’s statement is based on a faulty understanding of Christian beliefs. Both the Qu’ran and the Bible were physically written by men, and are believed, by their adherents, to be the divinely inspired  Word of God. So, let me straighten this out. The Bible was written by the Holy Spirit using men, and the Qu’ran was written by demons using men. Oops, did I say that?

You have to wonder what type of disinformation has stirred up these Afghan's, since they are burning an American flag during the event. Are they upset with the Imperialists, or the one small-time Florida church trying to set things straight? I'm sure they'll never know the truth. 

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