Jumat, 29 April 2011

Largest Earthquake Drill In America History Along New Madrid Seismic Zone

Does anyone think it's strange that FEMA would select an inactive zone to hold their exercise? We've been watching the earthquake map for the past month, and the New Madrid zone is totally silent. Three million people will participate in a series of earthquake drills aimed at preparing for a large scale earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

A couple months ago, FEMA requested 14 million emergency meals for the New Madrid Seismic Zone, as well as the coffins that have been waiting on the sidelines for the past few years. Why would our government spend all of this money in an inactive zone if they're only "practicing?"

This YouTuber tries to pull the pieces together to see how the government is planning an earthquake that will allow them to kill off part of our population. This makes you wonder if these severe storms we've had is possibly part of this weather modification/HAARP scenario. Paranoia is just good sense when someone is trying to kill you.

(YouTube link

If this information is true, it proves that we truly live in an evil generation.

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