Senin, 22 Agustus 2011

Pope Benedict: Be Open to Meditation

(EWTN News) Pope Benedict used his Aug. 17 general audience to reflect on Mary's example of prayer and meditation, just before he travels to Madrid to celebrate World Youth Day with over 1 million young people.

Pope Benedict explained that meditation involves creating “in ourselves a situation of contemplation, of interior silence, to reflect, to assimilate the mysteries of our faith and what God operates in us; and not just the things that come and go.”

The Pope recommended praying the Rosary, which he called “a prayer of meditation” that invites the faithful to reflect deeply on the life of Christ.

He also suggested focusing on private words or reflections that come during the celebration of the Eucharist, which enables “an intense spiritual experience” and can help a person enter into meditation. (Full article)

(YouTube link)

Comment: Contemplative prayer is an eastern mystical technique and not biblical, yet many churches today have successfully added it into their church practices.

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Silence allows people to hear God, Pope says 
Although this statement is true, using the contemplative practices could cause you to hear other spirits. Whenever the Pope makes suggestions of this type, he will always direct your attention back to the Virgin Mary.

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