Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

Blair: Faith and Globalization Must Mix Peacefully

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair believes that religion and globalization will be the most important social issues in the 21st century.

“With faith and with globalization there is an opportunity and also a danger,” Blair told students in Kyiv on June 7. “Globalization is pushing the world together into a common space.”

The event took place at Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine and was co-sponsored by the Viktor Pinchuk Foundation. Blair and Pinchuk announced that they will be collaborating to bring two new faith-themed programs in schools and universities in Ukraine.

Inside a cathedral-like auditorium, with its vaulted ceiling and tall windows, Blair sounded like a preacher at the podium. He spoke passionately about the role that religion will play as the world grows smaller. He believes that fostering understanding between various religions is the key to avoiding conflict.

Blair spent much of his 35-minute talk detailing how his organization, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, has been working to promote faith education and social action, including better health care. For instance, he wants to improve the treatment of malaria in African communities by basing health care in churches or mosques because they are ubiquitous in every village. (Read more)

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